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November 23, 2015: Latest on the IRA rollover for 2015: click here

From our November 2015 newsletter:
Truly Impressive: Cincinnatian Ariella Cohen Speaks Last Week to Over 3,000 on Local Successes of Legacy Giving Among Young Adults

I wanted to share with you this 4-minute video of Cincinnati native Ariella Cohen, speaking just this past Tuesday at the Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly in Washington DC. Over 3,000 people heard and applauded the successes of our CYJL program among younger adults. Congratulations Ari!  -Jim

Ariella Cohen's catchy beginning: "Hi, My name is Ariella Cohen. I'm 33 years old, I have four kids and one on the way [much applause]. I am probably not what you imagine when you think of a legacy donor. But I'm going to tell you something that may surprise you. In Cincinnati 40% of legacy donors are under the age of 45. My generation is getting behind our community for the long haul" ... See her whole talk at the GA, here ... More >  

From our October 2015 newsletter:
New $5,000 incentive grants for organizations participating in CYJL

Organizations participating in the Create Your Jewish Legacy program now have an additional incentive to gather promises for legacy gifts: a $5,000 incentive grant, which is in addition to the $10,000 they will already receive from the LIFE & LEGACY program, if they reach set goals. The twelve participating organizations each set out to secure 18 legacy commitments from their supporters this year, and by July, the vast majority had already blown through that goal ... More > 

From our August 2015 newsletter:
Congratulations to Ariella Cohen, her article on the successes of legacy giving among young adults in Cincinnati was published this week in eJewish Philanthropy.

CYJL's project manager, Reagan Kuhn, also contributed to the topic in our newsletter:  Is legacy giving through wills or retirement plans limited to baby boomers and seniors? Not in Cincinnati: our young adults are taking the lead over most communities nationwide...  More >

From our July 2015 newsletter:
John Isidor, Sandy Kaltman honored with Voices of Giving award:

Here's some great Federation endowment news. John Isidor and Sandy Kaltman were among 27 philanthropists honored by the Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council on June 16 with Voices of Giving Awards. The awards were presented on behalf of a nonprofit organization that has benefited from their selfless generosity in contributing a bequest or planned gift. The Amberley couple was nominated by... More >

From our June 2015 newsletter:
Celebration of the sustainers of our Jewish community:

We celebrated the sustainers of our Jewish community- Silver Circle members, those who have made annual gifts to the Jewish Federation for 25 or more years, and those who have made legacy commitments to Jewish organizations and congregations in Cincinnati at a cocktail reception on May 20. Special thanks to honorary co-chairs Mona and Dick Kerstine.

Please enjoy the photos, here.

From our May 2015 newsletter:
Update from David Harris, CYJL Coordinator

Congratulations to everyone: we have truly accomplished a lot this spring. I know everyone has worked hard to get us this far, and we have a supportive community to thank.

First: as of May 1, 2015 we have 213 Letters of Intent (LOIs), 191 of which count toward the total of 216 required by LIFE&LEGACY. As you know, if we reach our goal by December 2015, the 12 participating CYJL organizations each receive a $10,000 matching grant.

Second, we are also proud that we have reached 251 LOIs overall, for the whole community.

Third, we are in the news in the Israelite for the high rate of legacy giving among our young adults.

Fourth, this website is now mobile-friendly, so you can show our videos to anyone, anyplace.

And finally, another real accomplishment is Rockwern's beautiful video about a family's commitment to legacy giving through CYJL.

From our April 2015 newsletter 
A Legacy of Generosity And Taxes

The January 11, 2015 Omaha World Herald reported that Alice Williamson actively supported numerous charities during her lifetime, giving very generously of both her time and her money.  A most philanthropic woman, Ms. Williamson intended to take steps to preserve at least a part of her...

From our March 2015 newsletter 
ew Life for Life Insurance

Most of us acquire life insurance to help fund family and personal needs in case we don't live as long as we hoped.  Fortunately, many of us outlive our worst-case scenario. The typical result is that our insurance contract is in force, paid regularly...  

February 26, 2015: Update from CYJL Coordinator David Harris in our February 25 CYJL seminar

  • 80 individuals/couples have completed an LOI
  • 157 total LOIs
  • 130 that count towards the LIFE & LEGACY goals
  • CHDS has 82% board participation; 82% have filled out LOIs
Federation CEO Shep Englander also spoke on being community stakeholders, saying: "We have a vision together. This activity is about much more than the dollars we are raising. What do the LOIs mean? We are a culture of ownership, of stakeholders....

From our February 2015 newsletter:
Why Jews Give: Two Hebrew phrases help explain why Jewish giving is so high
 By Jim Friedman
Two women pass a beggar on the street. Both women have the exact same income and expenses. The first weeps at the suffering of the beggar and gives him $5 out of the goodness of her heart. The second notices but rushes past. Later in the day, however, she feels compelled because of her religious beliefs and returns to give the beggar $100. Who is the better person?...

From our January newsletter:
It's a New Year: Are You Planning for Your Future?
There are a number of charitable plans that can help you save on taxes this year and secure your financial future. You can receive a charitable deduction by making a gift of your low-performing CDs, stocks, bonds, or even cash. We can also accept your appreciated assets like real estate or a business interest and help you sell these tax-free. If you are looking for income now or in the future, there are also a number of ways ...

January 6, 2015: Update from CYJL Coordinator David Harris: I wanted to pass on this excerpt from an email from a legacy donor, shared by colleagues in Charlotte.

Hi Phil and Nancy,

I just wanted to say thank you for asking us to participate in the legacy article for the CJN. We were honored to be asked to do it, and I am very happy with the "buzz" it has generated. Within the past week or so, I have been approached by 3 different people asking me questions about CJL, and they all started with.....We didn't know you had 'that' kind of money to donate/leave. Although it was discouraging to hear this (as this must still be the perception out there), it definitely opened the door to my standard answer--you don't have to be wealthy to participate, you just have to be committed to this cause. One person even asked if we had won the lottery. (Ummm, I wish!)

I understand that we need to focus on everyone, including "big donors" but I think we still have a challenge ahead to educate everyone that this program is not just for the wealthy. Sadly, that was my perception, and I think it is still prevalent....

January 8, 2015: Update from CYJL Coordinator David Harris:

Currently, we have 91 Letters of Intent (LOIS) towards our community goal of 216! The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education has 13 LOIs and Adath Israel has secured 12 LOIs for OTHER organizations!

January 1, 2015: A December 2014 article in the American Israelite discussed CYJL's recent successes:

"Create Your Jewish Legacy (CYJL), the new community-wide program helping agencies, day schools, and congregations establish long-term sustainability through building endowments, is off to an impressive start. The Harold Grinspoon Foundation has selected Cincinnati as a partner for its new LIFE & LEGACY program, which is investing $20 million to support Jewish communities implementing legacy giving initiatives. This selection comes with a matching grant of $150,000 for each of 2 years; therefore up to $300,000 will be available. Cincinnati is one of only 23 Jewish communities from across North America selected to participate in the program....

From our December 18 newsletter:
A Fresh Way to Reduce Taxes by Dec 31, 2014

This week the Senate passed HR 5771, which reauthorizes the IRA charitable rollover through December 31, 2014. Donors age 70 1/2 and older may transfer up to $100,000 from their IRA to a qualified public charity. The transfer will be made free of federal income tax and the gift qualifies for the donor's 2014 required minimum distribution (RMD)...

From our December 5 newsletter:
Practical 2014 Year-End Planning Advice from JFNA

I wanted to pass on this practical, relevant information from JFNA (Jewish Federations of North America) in time to facilitate your end of the year financial plans. Jim Friedman, Director of Gift Planning and Endowments

2014 Year-end Tax Planning Year-end is often an opportune time to consider financial and tax planning strategies. Even though Congress and the President continue to joist over the Federal deficit and there is increased discussion regarding comprehensive tax reform, there have been....